Profile of the Managing Director

Perseverance for Continuous Improvement

Mr Michael Woo graduated in USA in 1986 majoring in Business Administration and was granted with the certificate of G.I.A graduate gemologist in 1987 in the United States. He returned to Hong Kong in the following year and joined Woo Leung Lee (1960) Jewellery Co.,Ltd. In 1997, Mr Woo inherited his father, Mr Woo Chi Wing's business and became Managing Director of the company. Since then Mr Woo has undertaken series of revolution to the traditional company - including computerization of inventory system, establishment of online trading platform, and International Brand Center (IBC) which targets high-end Italian branded jewellery, Under his leadership ,Woo Leung Lee (1960) Jewellery Co., Ltd. has recorded a double digit percentage sales growth annually in the past five years.

Words from the Managing Director